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You may have found yourself taking a leap of faith and doing an intensive 12-week coding bootcamp. During the 600+ hours learning to code, you may have realized that neither front-end or back-end development are for you.

The job titles software engineer, fullstack developer or front-end developer may not appeal to you.

Or, your comfort level with creating functional components in React may not be there.

Or, your lack of excitement for staring a a screen all day may not be what you want.

During this economy, the unemployment rate is at a record high and hiring has slowed down…

One of the biggest hurdles is continuing in a job and outputting comparable work to a colleague with a traditional computer science degree. This is when imposter syndrome comes in.

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Imposter syndrome is that nagging feeling you have no idea what you’re doing, and you’re afraid of being found out as a fraud. This accompanies the feeling that you’re the only one in the office that feels this way.

You constantly think: Am I good enough for this job? Do I belong here? Am I meant to be a developer? Am I capable of catching on?

Imposter syndrome is very common in software engineering. …

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As a front-end developer, having a portfolio site is crucial to your success. It is industry-standard to have a portfolio site.

Most job applications ask for your portfolio site. Some hiring managers do not consider applicants that do not have a portfolio site.

Your website is an ongoing showcase of some of your best work. As a developer, use your portfolio site to show what you know.

The first impression hiring managers have of you is often formed based on your portfolio site and resume. If those two do not impress — you may not be called for an interview.

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The pandemic has left many people unemployed and looking for work. To have kept a job so far is a blessing. To be in a position to hire is even more a blessing.

For each job opening, there are many more applicants than usual. There is stiff competition and a lot of rejection, especially for those coming from or looking for work in harder hit industries.

It is a stressful time for everyone and there there are seven things to keep in mind while hiring in order to be courteous to the applicants:

You are getting paid to interview them; they are not

You are getting paid during your 9-to-5…

Often times we hold onto our jobs for too long. Sometimes it is the not-so-subtle signs you miss out on when you’re dealing with anxiety, pride or stress.

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One of the most essential life skills is knowing when to leave, whether it is a job, relationship or a side hobby.

There is always a risk in making the wrong decision. If you quit too early, you’ll never know your true potential.

What would have happened if I stayed?

Every once in a while, you’ll think about what could have been if only you stuck it out a little longer. …

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Dating a Desi explores the experiences Desi’s have with relationships while growing up in a Western culture. We’re looking to have a healthy balance of mixed views, opinions and experiences as we develop a community.

Personal stories, essays, opinionated pieces or advice that come from your personal experiences would be great! We’re eager to see what you have to say!

Each post should be between 650 to 1,300 words.

If you’re interested in writing for us please comment down below or send a pitch of what you’d like to write to: desisindating[at]

If you decide to publish from your own…

The hardest part is finding someone who is willing to make the effort to start a relationship with someone living across the country.

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I live in a suburban area which has a much smaller Desi community. The hardest part is finding someone who is willing to make the effort to start a relationship with someone living across the country.

If you live in a small community like me, unfortunately, there are logistical adversities that make it harder for you to find someone, for a variety of reasons such as:

  • People find it hard to date you. The distance deters people…

There’s more to office diversity than gender and race

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Having a diverse workforce has many benefits.

When people think of a diverse office, they think of either racial or gender diversity. This is undoubtedly very important, as people have different ways of thinking. Their experiences have shaped their unique perspective, which comes in handy when making better company decisions, such as understanding the customer and resonating with potential investors and clients.

Hiring managers often end up hiring people who remind them of themselves. They naturally gravitate towards people who look similar, have a similar career trajectory, sense of style, and personality. …

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Dating apps have a very low rate of success. Most people log in when they are lonely or bored. They often log on to pass time or seek validation.

Dating apps have been around for most of our young adult lives and at this point, most of us have dating app fatigue. We have put ourselves out there and kept an open mind. We have gotten ghosted, rejected, unappreciated and used in the process.

It got to a point for me that I associated the apps with such negative experiences that I had anxiety before opening the apps. …

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Being able to read and understand a profile will save you from countless letdowns and short-lived conversations.

When looking at a person’s profile, remember: the more effort they put into their profile, the more seriously they are taking this app.

A profile with a variety of pictures and a well thought out bio shows they want to utilize this app to help connect them to their next partner. That means they want to put their best foot forward in order to portray themselves in the best light.

It takes a few minutes to fill out a bio with a few…

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