Not-So-Subtle Signs It Is Time to Quit Your Job

Often times we hold onto our jobs for too long. Sometimes it is the not-so-subtle signs you miss out on when you’re dealing with anxiety, pride or stress.

Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

When You Feel Sick All the Time

Stress can have physiological effects on the body. Stress can cause constant back pain, stomach aches, sleep problems and a weaker immune system.

When You Can’t Use Your Vacation Days

If your job offers little flexibility to work from home or use your vacation days — you likely feel suffocated. You may feel like a slave to your job.

When You Don’t Fit In the Workplace Culture

This seems like a trivial reason to quit a job.

When You’re Sad on Sunday’s

If you are living each week anxiously awaiting for Friday and dreading Sunday’s, you might want to rethink your job. It is normal to have the Sunday Scaries, but if you really dread the Sunday’s before you have to go to work, there’s a problem.

When the Company Isn’t Doing Well

When a company or industry, isn’t doing well and lay offs or a company shut down are quite possible, employees often have a scarcity mindset. The company culture becomes toxic.

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